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There is an expanding awareness and a unifying of synergistic forces, which is creating a ripple effect, that is transforming our World. Gateways for this are listed below:

Soleira Greenís ebooks

The Alchemical Coach ... Coaching Passion, Potential & Power
The Evolution of Everything ... A Bio for the 21st Century
The New Visionaries ... Evolutionary Leadership for a Vibrant World
Living Consciousness

Santari Green - link for background information on Imagica and booking form


Books that have been available from www.Amazon.com

                        I Remember Union
                        By Flo Aeveia Magdalena    ISBN  1-880914-07-7

                        The Lineage of the Codes of Light
                        By Jessie E. Ayani    ISBN  0-9648763-1-0
Available through Amazon
Available through Amazon