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We live in Miraculous times, and there is an ever growing number of miraculous people making it so. Please see website links below:

Soleira and Santari Green of The Visionary Network have been much of the inspiration that went into creating this Website.

Soleira and Santari Green and The Visionary Network.

Together, all around the world, new visionaries like ourselves, are creating a magnificent future, leaving a legacy of brilliance and magnificence for the next generations to build upon. We are visionaries in the most literal sense, for we see the potential, magnificence, genius, standards of excellence, leadership and other qualities displayed by numerous people in the most simple of ways.

Their book, "The New Visionaries", provides insight into how these people think and operate in their extraordinary and yet normal lives. We believe that the world is ready for the most amazing outpourings of genius and creativity through collective contribution. This is no longer a world of individuals - we are a collective force that works for the empowerment and benefit of all people.

Soleira Green
www.transformingourworld.com -- Welcome to The Visionary Network
www.soleiragreen.com -- Welcome to my World. The exploration and creation of the magical and miraculous in motion in this World.

Santari Green
http://www.sourcingphysicality.com/blogthis/ - Welcome to my website. Let's enjoy the conscious creation of our World.

Suzanne Joseph

A Well Being Coach is one who recognises the value of making conscious decisions in all areas of life, resulting in a balanced flow of energy & reconnection of mind, body and spirit. It is this connection that will lead you to a state of being, which enables the attainment of your highest potential

Tim Laporte and Associates 

Tim Laporte and Associates are an executive and business coaching firm with a difference. With their structured and proven approach to coaching, they specialise in creating tangible results for senior executives and businesses based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

They help companies to build great leadership teams, develop their rising stars and leverage the executive/senior teams through common goals focused individual development.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  
Margaret Mead, anthropologist.

Resonant Networks

An Incubator for Evolutionary ideas. The content is constantly changing as an ever increasing group of energtic creators contribute and showcase their latest revelations, and take the opportunity to assist each other to new heights of inspiration. You can keep up-to-date with emerging trends and evolving techniques by following - or becoming a contributor on - Resonant Networks.