14 August 2008

Earth Bound    

You know in the past I have never ever really felt I have belonged here on this earth. It felt like I have lived life as though through a bubble. I know I have touched peoples lives and even helped them move forward. For the most part I have never ever really felt understood. There have been rare times when I have felt understood, these times now have been slowly increasing.

Being in this space you know you are being in your own personal space. If we were to think globally, thoughts like my feelings of not belonging, may be an indication to bring the vibrational frequencies of my origin more aligned with the planet, thereby uplifting self and the planet.

It is time for consciousness to be here, to be brought here. It is only through the power of the multitudes and in thinking globally will this happen. If we abdicate this responsibility due to our personal self doubts, we abdicate life itself. Each and every one of us needs now to place our unique mark in the sand, and then we can watch the dance delightfully unfold. Watch how each of our resonant pieces flow together to form a magnificent cosmic weave of the ebb and flow of life, creating from the chaos a brand new consciousness here on this magnificent planet. One that has never existed before, one than unifies and melds the totality of all of our beingness with the vast dynamic beauty of the geniiosity beingness. Bring into creation the truth of our  reality, the truth of our original choices, that we have collectively and uniquely made. 

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