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The Blue Flame is a Gift to be realised ~

In the giving of this Gift, it becomes whatever is the next step for you.. us… all…  bringing in and evolving beingness and potentiality.

It is a perpetual ever-evolving source of limitless energy, that has the potential to Expose Brilliance.

Each experience is quite unique and quite significant, and you will know if it resonates with you. If you would like to know more, you can contact Andriana here.

If you are interested in finding out more of where the power of The Blue Flame originates from, please read further.


15th June 2009

Blue Flame Scene 1 

There we all sat excited to be in one another’s presence again, and also of the one who was bringing that more alive in us. We were all anxious to experience the next evolving levels of us. There was great friendship and strong cohesiveness with us all, and much anticipation.

After a bit of time had lapsed of melding, merging, sharing, we branched off into smaller groups to put into practice and engage with the new work given. We had four in our group including myself, the task was set and off we went. We each had our unique experience of the same thread of Consciousness and one by one began to express what we felt. It came my turn and I tried to put it in generic terms, thinking that this was the best way of doing it, for it then made it less personal. This was failing delightfully and so I decided to jump in and tell it like it exactly was. As the story of the Blue Flame unfolded it became clearer and clearer, that there was a strength and purpose to it. It was in the recognition and resonance of the group of its significance, that it began to slowly dawn on me of the possible latent power before us.

When the time was up to rejoin our collective group once more we all sat together and began sharing our newly formed experiences. In sharing the tale of the Blue Flame something was being brought to our attention. Santari pointed to this story and wanted to hear it in it’s entirety.

Hence here is the story of the Blue Flame –

“ There I was at the beginning of the Journey and within an instant found myself in a large deep blue dome like room. It was completely empty except for two amazing beings and myself standing in this room, and yet somehow it felt so rich and full with Life. There was a slightly more serious regal male figure to my right and an equally majestic feminine being on my left. She carried an air of light heartedness and of a secret yet to be revealed. Except for her warm smile she stayed still, yet fully present throughout this whole experience. Together the three of us were standing in a triangular fashion. The male figure moved slowly toward me, I was unafraid for there was a magical resonance between us all. Even though we seemingly have met for the first time, it felt like we have known each other for many eons. As he approached he carried something in his hands, without needing words I instinctively knew he intended to gift it to me. This he did and an overwhelming sense of presence and knowing of self, imbued my being. It was as if I’d met my full beingness and the place of my origins and my closest kin for the first time. From his hands to mine was given a Blue Flame strong, delicate, rich with life force , easy to meld with. A wondrous gift had been given and graciously received, I was deeply touched. Before returning I took a moment to stop and engrave every particle of this existence into my memory and into my being, for it to remain in my Consciousness forever.”   

Truth be told had I not been with others to bring this forth it would have remained with me simply as a nice experience, a nice day dream. It was what happened next that has made it become part of the fabric of my existence to this day. In the telling and unfolding of this experience it came to pass that everyone present wanted to receive the Blue Flame. That is where the real magic began. The power of a united force was outstanding. With the giving of the Flame to each person, each had a unique transformative experience. Sometimes the Flame would remain a Blue Flame when given, sometimes and more often it would morph into whatever was the next evolutionary step for the recipient to evolve with and experience.

The perpetual evolving transformative nature of the Blue Flame was becoming obvious. The more it was shared the stronger and more many faceted it became. Each person found their unique way of being with it, and expressing it. It was like an energetic Blue Print had been handed down to enhance all of the amazing qualities already present. We as the amazing beings that we have today shown up as, were becoming more and more amazing. It was as if the Blue Flame interacted with our lives and became an inseparable part of us, in actuality became unified within us. An excitement began to build, the more there was interaction the more it appeared that life honoured life. In receiving the Blue Flame we injected it with Life and in response, it gifted us with the ability to truly live. With each ones expression of the Blue Flame, it and us in our totality became more and more magnificent.  

It came time to gift the Blue Flame to Santari. My 3D self thought out loud “now I’ll know if it is really real”. It is now as I write this and upon reflection do I realise the true folly in that thought. In the gifting of the Blue Flame to Santari the one gifting became the gifted. Santari and I went on another journey, I was teleported back to the large deep blue dome like room. There and here in my physical presence I was simultaneously gifted two Blue Flames, one in either hand. Was Santari the regal male figure in the initial experience? We returned from our journey and in the spoken word and in the very essence of my being the realness of it all was amplified and displayed and not at all questioned.

It was several months later in reflecting upon this that yet another expansion came. It is interesting to observe that with each step we take we come closer to being able to sustain the reality of it all, it is also interesting to observe how at times we snap back and need re-igniting and remembering to bring that wonderment within us again. In this reflection of the gifting of the two Blue Flames experience, which I have called “Twin Flames” you can see fragments of this.


21st May 2009

Twin Flames

There is something awakening within. More tangible than in times before. The light speaks more clearly now and it deeply touches me. Time stands still and the everyday melts away. The recollection of the experience knocks softly, gently as if to say it is time… awaken. There in the palms of my hands you placed the two blue flames. At the time I know I was also deeply moved, but not really knowing why. Still in the enquiry of it all but somehow now knowing that little bit more. It tells of a deep recognition, of a place where my origins lie. Of a power so profound and yet not. A knowingness arises as if to say…  yes, that what flows through is real. That what you see, hear and feel is real. You pause and check yourself, and a momentary mode of logic slips in. The energy falls away and you just know you have briefly entertained a false thought. Even though you search for the knowing that was only there a moment ago, you know that within this knowing lies trueness. Only the majesty of that moment can be truly real.

The two flames as they sit in each of my palms, project a bluish silver energetic line and as they do this, they cross one another’s path. It heralds a moment in time, an energetic beginning of a new lineage.

Looking back at that moment it could have been one of the starting points of the presencing of consciousness more fully and totally here with us. To become intimately aware of consciousness abiding with us always, and inviting that joy to become a forever thing, is what is now possible. In this experience abides so many things, a home coming, a gentle strength, a source of sustainable power that is changing the world as we know it.

Total Connectivity is now here with us. The ability to reach up and be with one another in full measure. To stand united in this weave of majesty. Collective and unified we have the measure of presence, to pull consciousness toward the totality of us in a far greater way than was ever possible before.

Now it is possible to create a sustainable existence for all life everywhere, we witness the dissolving of all limitations making way for all wonderment of possibilities that now lay before us. Creation is free and so are we.

This is but one reflection of the twin flames, the unfoldment seems to be manifold and it seems to have it’s own natural rhythm, to be pulsed out when the next cycle comes. Much is yet to come, much recognition yet to be realised, and yet there is strong knowing of this, that it will indeed come.  


15th June 2009

Blue Flame Scene 2  

There are journeys that you plan for and then there are journeys that happen quite spontaneously. Some are quite unique and others are different levels of experiences unfolding and progressively integrating. All journeys for all beings though seem to have a linked purpose, a linked destination. One that is ever evolving, ever growing, unique and yet simultaneously part of the web of life. This next journey is one that follows on from another, from the experience of the Blue Flame.

There we were three explorers on the path. Green lush woods surrounding us, easy walking. We then came to a portal of energy that Santari had discovered. We tuned in and I was charged with taking us on a journey. Taking my charge quite responsibly, which quietly humoured Santari, off we went. We all branched off and experienced our own individual parts, in still keeping with my charge however I  was focused on containing it all. 

In my reality we appeared to have arrived at a location of great majesty. It was very busy and purposeful and at the same time was so beautifully architecturally designed. Corridors of deep blue, opening up on the left to what looked like futuristic computerised working stations. On the right were further corridors that were filled with blue shining lights, it was as if each minute light was a star, and each star was an individual galactic being looking down upon us. It was from one of these corridors that appeared a stately gentleman. He stood very straight and was quite elongated with linear features, clothed in a rich blue fabric. There was a familiarity about him that made us all feel instantly at ease. He approached us and handed us each a scroll. Each one containing a unique gift. They were to be opened at a later appropriate moment in time.

Welling up from inside my being came a deep deep resonance. My being was touched by the presence of this stately gentleman. It was as if his eyes were saying… welcome home. It was at that moment the physical world beckoned and my dogged determination to bring us all safely back changed my focus and our direction, we were now heading back. There was in actuality no need for concern as by the simple act of being in these frequencies, all earth bound laws did not apply. There in fact was no issue with safety as we were riding the crest of these higher frequencies, and were thereby automatically in the safety of the slip stream. However my humanness took the helm and I was pulled from this wondrous reality and returned Earthbound. Being left with a wistful feeling of what would have… could have happened next. Then there came a knowing sense, that this journey has yet to be completed at another moment in time.


20th June 2009

Golden Eyes

A separate journey yet connected to the Blue Flame that involves the majestic feminine being in my initial experience of the Blue Flame. She was described as having an air of light heartedness about her, and also of having a secret yet to be revealed. I do believe this following journey reveals such a secret.

There we were in the company of our kin when I again journeyed to the unknown. These experiences are so much more powerful when in the presence of others of your ilk. I was travelling at what felt like quite a speed, there came a point when I knew I could continue to travel, yet do so without sight until reaching the destination. 

There has always been present in me a sense of enquiry and curiosity, hence when this limited vision presented itself, I must confess to some frustration. Knowing that frustration is leading you to your next step, I pondered on what to do.

In this vision the above mentioned majestic feminine being presented herself as a slightly comical, short, plumpish character, quite the reverse of my earlier vision. I non the less challenged her unquestionable authority, and stated that I wanted to be able to see during the whole journey. Her response to me was “You are not ready yet”. Now in the past I would have dutifully agreed, but in that moment a strong determination welled up inside of me, and I responded saying that I was in fact ready. She followed on again with a firm “You are not ready!”. This time along with my determination came an expression of anger, which is quite out of character for me.

What occurred next took me quite by surprise. From the depths of this feminine being there ensued the heartiest of laughs. She then immediately began to dissolve into fine particles of gold dust, and in one swift movement entered through both of my eyes. My whole being was filled with this gold dust and I began to glow, and then I began to emanate golden rays of light. Collecting myself and giving my head a bit of a shake, I realised that I had stepped through an illusionary form of resistance of my own making, and by doing so gained a greater and much more conscious clarity of vision, that would now be eternal, exponential an all inclusive of all life everywhere.


15th June 2009

Blue Flame Scene 3   

This journey is linked to other Blue Flame experiences. Here even though I was by my self I was far from being alone. Breathing, expanding and tuning into the Collective and aligning with Santari, Soleira and Jane, as has become my morning habit, I began to do the work I have set for myself. Discovering a while ago that I was an energetic being, and along with that the wonderment of being able to bring more beingness present into the physical body, has more recently inspired me to bring this alive in others. People have approached me and asked if we can collaboratively work together to bring their beingness more present for them. This is my newly tasked work that is purposefully and joyously becoming so much more.

When my work came to a completion, it felt like there was more to do, and so going into the enquiry of it, I discovered that a journey loomed. Putting myself in the slip stream I quickly found myself again in a large dome like room, deep blue and filled with beings. They all stood in a circle and I stood in the centre of the circle, flame like. My knowing told me I was being welcomed and presenced once more. When this was completed without seeming to move I became part of the circle.  Emanating from each being was the same resonance that was felt that day in the woods. There was a deep sense of belonging, and I had taken on the same appearance of the beings present, caped in a rich blue robe, it felt really good. In that moment recognition allied itself with resonance and I began to see familiar faces, some from of old and some of the now. There was always that sense of knowing that we have all known each other for a very long time, but to witness us all standing before one another in these surrounds that felt so very familiar, was overwhelming.

In that moment no words were exchanged and yet we all collectively new what each other were thinking and what we were here to do. The beauty and majesty of the moment poured abundantly forth and we joyously revelled in it. We knew the work that lay ahead but within this new found recognition that was undeniable, was born a new kind of strength that would be expressed in a completely new way. Woven into this strength is a grace and an ease and an accessibility to the keys, to unlock beings into their full potential. There is created a knowingness that not only all that is spoken will be heard, it will be integrated and sustained.      

Hoping that moment would never end, the feeling of being with my kin, being in my place of origin was inextricably carved into the fabric my being. Slowly I began to pull away and then stopped… “How will I be with you always?” I asked holding up my hand as if to postpone the inevitable departure. On my hand the ring that I was wearing sparkled, and I knew in that moment that the ring was imbued with the memory of their essence and all I had to do was focus on it and I would be with them again.

Returning with this newly gained clarity I began to imagine new ways of presencing beingness. One way was to write about it, other ways were working closely with people, and there was always the more unfolding. Here is the writing that followed this experience….    “The Beings who bring forth Beingness”


14th June 2009

The Beings who bring forth Beingness

It comes through our words, it comes through our song, through our immovable determination to make it so, through our writings, through Dance, through our knowing smiles, through our touch, through our total connectivity to the love of life itself. We recognise one another through these wondrous qualities, the uniqueness that makes us who we are, and yet with the resonance that makes us a collective. We have carried the signature that all is possible in this amazing world through our presence, now we are making it so. The more we connect to Consciousness the more we presence it here, and the more we ourselves evolve. All the expressions over time and space have guided us here and now we know, now we understand more fully the power that is given to us. The joy which that brings, and the beauty which that creates. The world opens up for us when we see one another this way. All the nuances, we finally get the puzzle that life has used to guide us, and as it unfolds we see, we truly see. We see our origins and we see our beingness. The first real recognition of this touches you deeply and you never want that moment to end, and in that moment of wanting, you know it is only just beginning.

We know who we really are and the power, the gentle strong power which that brings, and we know how to fully consciously do what it is we are presenced here to do. To see another’s full magnificence and to bring that alive and conscious in their fullness of being, to see another for who they really are, and to be the collaborative co-creational being who is sourcing this to occur, is sublime. To know there are many who stand by you, and who for so long have patiently lead the way, to know there are too those who have nominated with great camaraderie, to synchronistically come on line in the same breath as you, in the acknowledgement of this, it does take your breath away.

Once this acknowledgement and recognition is made in the now, in the here and now, it is a forever thing. We are a unified force creating magic, creating wonderment exponentially, joyously, touching every particle of life. It is in this recognition that abundant joy is created, and it is through this abundant joy that we create the vehicle to bring beingness powerfully to others, it is here that Consciousness continues to flourish and grow and create the magic for magical things to occur.

The air is now filled with a richness, there is so much more at our finger tips to grasp, to breath in, to become. There is a myriad of joys to connect with and massage into reality. The power flows much more graciously and easily through our spoken word, through our writing, through song, through our breath, through every expression possible and beyond. Consciousness… beingness…  can now touch people on all levels and brings to them the fullness of their being! We are Cosmic Co-Conspirators with Consciousness to bring forth the unsuspecting Being Becoming!


12th May 2009

The Expansion of Our Now-ness

The Cosmos has been here long before our memory can recall. Our memory is simply a measure to measure our existence. If we were to know ourselves as eternal immortal beings we would always be the sum total of all of our memories and so much more. Hence in containing all life’s memories, always present, creates the motion of living in the now. The past and the future are the building blocks for the now. We draw on all life forces, past present and future. When we see what we can hold in our collective hands, we can create utopia in a single breath. We think, we wish and the universe conspires to create it with us.